Arrival & Departure Information

Guests will receive a final confirmation email 3 days prior to arrival with check-in information, Wi-Fi Internet password, and any pertinent information regarding their stay.

CHECK-IN TIME: 4:00 p.m.  Upgrade to early check-in of 1:00 p.m. for an additional fee, subject to availability.  All properties feature convenient 24-hour arrival access.

KEYS: Depending on the location, our properties use keyless entry (electronic keypad on the front door), lockboxes (with keys inside), or key pick-up at our office, depending on the location.  Details for each stay will be in the final confirmation email sent 3 days prior to arrival.

PASSES: Parking passes, pool passes/bands, entry cards, etc. may be required at some properties and will be located in the property upon arrival.  Please display parking passes at all times.

LINENS: Premium quality linens and towels are provided with all reservations and this includes all sheets, pillowcases, bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths, and kitchen cloths.  Guests will need to supply their own beach towels as our linens are not permitted to be taken out of the properties.

VACATION ITEMS: Any vacation items reserved, such as golf carts, beach items, etc. will be delivered to the property on the arrival date and picked up after departure.  Additional orders may be placed any time (allow 24 hours for delivery).


♦   Complimentary Wi-Fi wireless Internet is provided at all properties.

♦   For beach and vacation items ordered after arrival, we offer last minute delivery (allow 24 hours). 
CLICK HERE to see our complete menu and reserve your items.

♦   A starter pack of one each of paper towels, toilet paper, dish soap, and trash bag are provided with each arrival.  Guests will need to supply any additional items for their stay.

♦   Refrigerator may take a while to cool items (up to 12+ hours) when filled at once.  Please leave settings at medium cool level to avoid coils freezing up.

♦   Motorcycles, golf carts, and trailers are allowed at all beach houses and townhouses.  Villa/Condo HOA policies vary, check prior to arrival.

♦   If service or maintenance is necessary during your stay, please contact Guest Services.  Additionally, please report any damage or missing items.

♦   A locked closet means it’s for homeowner use only.  Please do not tamper with or open.


For guests’ added convenience, this information and additional details are also provided in the Guest Services Guide located in each property.



♦   CHECK-OUT TIME: 11:00 a.m.  Upgrade to late check-out of 1:00 p.m. for an additional fee, subject to availability.

♦  KEYS: For properties with keyless entry, use keypad to lock door upon exiting.  For properties with a lockbox, return keys to lockbox using same 4-digit code as on arrival.  For properties with office key pick-up, please leave keys on kitchen counter. 

♦   PASSES: Leave all parking passes, pool passes/bands, entry cards, garage openers etc. on kitchen counter upon departure.

♦   LINENS: Collect all linens and towels and leave in entryway for cleaning service.
           ♦   Close and lock all windows and doors.
           ♦   Turn off all TVs, ceiling fans, and electronics.
           ♦   Bag and remove all food and garbage.
           ♦   Wash and put away all dishes.
           ♦   In summer, set thermostat to 75 degrees.  In winter, set to 65 degrees.